How is your writing going?

-the most often heard question, when you are PhD student. Nobody likes it, and everybody asks it, even me 😉

Last Tuesday I passed my very last exam in my 3 years PhD program. I had 38 courses in total, half of them finished with exams, half with essays or presentations. There was not too much time for writing, especially that I spent half of this 3 years on scholarships abroad. Now I still have one year of studies, free of courses, and finally I can focus on my PhD thesis writing.

In Poland, in my field, at my University we still write a monography (not cumulative disseration), at least 150 pages with proper theoretical introduction, methodological explanation, and empirical part. My plan is to finish the thesis in August 2017. 11 months it is not too much, not too little. For now I have just my PhD research proposal written (still not read by my supervisor), collected literature (but not read yet), and I am waiting to access to micordata. So most of a work is still to do.

I’ve thought that writing about my writing process will help me to motivate myself and to monitor my progress, to share my doubts and successes. And in the same place I can answer “How is your writing going?” question 😉

I feel like I am preparing myself for a 11-months battle. I need good plan, I need to be well-organised, I need to be focused. I also have prepared armament:

I rearranged my home-office, and my desk (at my University in Poland PhD students are not employed, and we don’t have offices, I think it is the case of most Universities in Poland).

I hung on the wall photos with my Friends and Husband (I cannot show it because I didn’t ask them for permission to make it public :P), whiteboard with motivating magnet, and important postcards.


I brought from Cuxhaven (by the way – if you like hiking on mud I strongly recommend that place) “peluche” – Helgitta Esperanza (“blessed hope”) to have someone sitting always on my desk and motivating me 😉


I have “my World” ball, to play with it when I think, and to don’t scratch my head when I am stressed. I bought in the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven


I have my Uni Bremen blouse in the colour of Bremen sky


and I took from my Bremen office “Winnie the Pooh”-cup


because 9 months in Bremen changed my life, so I have wanted to have some Bremen in my village-house.

I have also “weird things” from my friends and sister on my desk 😀


And every year I collect chestnuts and oak nuts, and put them on my desk – people believe that they produce good energy 😉 I like them, because they remind my how I was making “people” from them in a kindergarden.


I have thought that maybe I shouldn’t treat my PhD thesis writing as a war, that maybe it would be better to think about it as an adventure 🙂

As my Friend says – “Go tiger!” or “Go tigrillo” 😉


Useful links: – University of Bremen – Klimahaus in Bremerhaven – Cuxhaven tourist information about hiking on mud (in German)



Sabine changed my life

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  1. Akezali Martínez

    Los geht’s, Tigre!!Im with you, by the way… Helgitta Esperanza is really cute <3

  2. PK

    😀 If you use same style for thesis you don’t have to worry about score 😉

  3. Doktora

    Thank you for your comment 🙂 My supervisor likes more “scientific style”, it means – make your sentences more complicated to sound more scientifically 😉 I hope to keep my writing style somehow, at least to build some story, not to present only “dry facts” (it doesn’t sound English :P)

  4. Doktora

    Thank you My Deer 😀 I will be with you also during your thesis writing 😀 Together we have more positive power to work 😉

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