“Man shall not live by PhD alone” – paraphrasing Bible quote “Man shall not live by bread alone”

Cooking is something what I love doing and enjoy effects of it 😀 When I was in Bremen and I spent a lot of time in an office, ate in Mensa, and my Husband ate at home by his own, I had special “cooking day” with my Husband. Even my Professor knew that I went out earlier that day – right after our joint lectures 😉 It was a day when we were cooking together and enjoying self-prepared food 🙂

In a kitchen I am more artist than engineer, probably that is why I am good in cooking. but not in baking, where you need to be more precise with measurements. Most of my dishes are effect of free creation as my “Pumpkin soup” this week or “Seafood pasta” when I was visiting my friend in Bremen – I go to the kitchen, or to a grocery with a general idea  what I want to cook, and then particular ingredients just come to my mind as a burst of inspiration. There are only two things which I always make according to a recipe – Béchamel sauce and Jorge’s cake (it is a separate story about the cake).

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