Our daily schedule looks great in the paper, so how it went during the first week…


Room for improvement

  • 90 minutes of work
  • 15 minutes breaks
  • Housework division
  • Messaging apps “off time” until 17.00
  • Sleeping hours
  • Working hours
  • Internet “off time” one hour before sleep
  • Mail use
  • 15 minutes evening meditation
  • Evening exercises

I „planted a tree” for every 90 minutes of work, and then I had my 15 minutes break. I was focused on work during this 90 minutes, and 15 minutes I devoted for a real break. What does the “real break” mean? It means to stand up from my computer, and:

  • go to do kitchen and make raspberry or camomile tea. I love this raspberry tea from Herbapol, it is the only one which I know, which contains 60% of raspberry fruits inside, hibiscus flowers, and rosa canina. So it is real raspberry tea not only flavoured black tea 😛 I always take it with me for my scholarships 😀


  • go to the leaving room to take a look on a world outside, and relax my eyes from short-distance looking, and to think about nothing, observe nature


  • sometimes take an “Anti-Stress Colouring Book” to concentrate only on colouring and clear my mind from thoughts. I like this “Minirelaks” series from Olesiejuk publishing house

During this one week I realised how important are this breaks when you work constantly for 90 minutes. Thanks them I am refreshed and relaxed and ready to continue my work. The most important it to switch activity totally and let your brain rest. To be honest, sometimes my mind was flowing somewhere else during my 90 minutes working time, and sometimes I was tempted and I went to internet to check some information (but only work-connected, as grant applications, traineeships, research ideas). So, I think that from next week I will prepare special file or piece of paper, to note shortly this ideas, doubts, questions, and come back to them when I finish my main task. I know it from my previous experiences, that “write it down” is the best way to stop thinking about that, and go back to work.

Housework division was the greatest idea ever – before that, during this all years, that had been somehow organised, and there had been some housework division, but it hadn’t been so clear as we made it last week. We decided exact who is cleaning after breakfast, lunch etc. Thanks that our kitchen is clean all the time, finally 😀 to give just one example 🙂 we decided which tasks we do together as a team, and which are an individual responsibility, and this system works 😀

I was worried the most about messaging apps “off time”. In the end I’ve found that it is much better, when I can concentrate on my work during “working hours”, and to be able to enjoy talking, and chatting with my Friends during “house hours”, because then I can be devoted totally for them and I don’t feel guilty that I should work that moment instead of spending time with them. When I have some thoughts during my “working hours” that I would like to ask someone about something, or to talk about something, or inform someone about something – I write down “an issue” and a name of person on the paper, and then during my “house hours” I can send this messages, or make a call. I think that it is huge mistake of “modern life” that we feel this pressure to do and to have everything immediately, in this second. No, we don’t have to (exception of course is “matter of life and death” situation). We can postpone our pleasure to the moment when we can enjoy it fully 🙂

“Sleeping hours” and “working hours” are interconnected. We couldn’t go sleep as we had planned so we also couldn’t wake up as we planned, therefore I couldn’t work as long as I had planned… There were several reasons:

  • I didn’t keep internet “off time” before sleep and I was chatting to long with my Friends at night. After that I cannot sleep well, so probably I need to be more consequent in this point.
  • “Sex time” – when we were preparing our new daily schedule my Husband was joking that we should also plan some “sex time”, and in the end he was right 😛 of course we cannot plan it in that way – 20:15-21:15 “sex time”, because it is more spontaneous activity (at least in our case), so it is better to don’t make too tiny schedule planning our days , to have some extra “time space” for sex, just in case 😉 to be able to go sleep in the time which we have in our schedule

I wasn’t so strict with my mail use as with messaging apps use. Because sometimes I needed to contact with someone (supervisor, research partner, colleague from studies) and then instead to just log to my mailbox and send the message, I started reading new messages, and thinking about them, and answering them etc. what didn’t help to stay concentrate at work. I need to think how to solve it.

I was also not enough consequent with my every day exercises and meditation…. I did it 3 times, but I couldn’t be focused enough during meditation session. My thought were running around, I was too excited with a day, and I finished meditation after 10 minutes, and switched on my phone and internet again, and started writing to someone or something… I know that it is good for me to meditate, and make this 15-minutes breathing sessions to calm down before sleep, because I experienced it during my 30-days challenge. When I meditate every day I sleep better, I don’t have problems to fall asleep, I have more stable sleep, and not too much nightmares. Probably I need to practice more, to build this good habit, and make it as a part of my everyday life.

After this one week I can say that the most important is to treat our schedule more as helpful assistance than strict limitation. Maybe I didn’t work 6.5 hours as I planned (because didn’t keep sleeping hours) but I kept 90 minutes of work and 15 minutes breaks, what makes me more effective and concentrated. And I was trying to keep “work hours” and “house hours” division. I think that crucial is to follow some basic rules of our new work system, instead of strict keeping of planned hours. And of course to remember that it doesn’t change magically during one day or one week – keep going, and forgive yourself if something went not so good, call it “room for improvement” and improve yourself during next week 😀 and always try to see what went well and be proud of yourself 😀