Story behind

I learned how to bake this cake from my Friend in Bremen, who learned it from his friend from Sweden. He was talking about this cake a lot of times, and I decided to learn it, and bake it for my Husband birthday. A few days before his birthday my Friend had baked the cake again with his friends. He had invited me for a “quick course of baking” (as I wrote before, I am not too much “baking person”). I had taken my notebook, and I wrote down a list of ingredients, and I was observing whole “baking process”. The original cake was very sweet, and not cocoa (in original recipe is 500ml of sugar and 120ml of cocoa). I came back to home happy that it is so so so easy cake 😀 that evening my Husband mentioned during our conversation – “Don’t buy this sweets anymore, they are too sweet for me”. I was devastated by this news, I was thinking – “I cannot bake the chocolate cake anymore, it is too sweet. What can I do? I don’t know any other cake.” In the end I found very easy recipe for an apple cake, because my Husband is a fan of the apple cake 😀 But Jorge’s cake has stayed with me forever. I bake it for all my guests 😀 Because it is the easiest and the quickest cake to prepare in the world. And it always successful 😀 Enjoy 😀

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