As I and my Husband say – “It is easier to give advices, than to apply your own advices” 

During a work on the joint paper I forgot about an important aspect of my new work system – breaks after every 90 minutes of the work. Or maybe it is better to say that I ignored it. Because I had my tree planted for 90 minutes and I was counting time in my teamwork, so I exactly knew when 90 minutes passed. 

And what? And nothing.I was working further, in hope that this sentence which I needed would  come soon – “I just need a few more minutes, one more article, and for sure it will come, and then I will take a break”… But time was passing and the sentence didn’t want to come to me… After one more hour, or even 30 minutes, my brain was going to be more tired and tired, I was going to be less motivated, less concentrated, and more frustrated… I started to look at internet on whatever just to “kill the time” waiting for the sentence. In the end I realised that the sentence would not come until I didn’t take the break and let my brain reset… 

I know this state from my previous work system, when I could write constantly for 3-4 hours, but with every hour I was going to be more and more exhausted, and less focused. You know this state, when you are so excited about your work that you can spend hours working on it and you don’t feel how time is passing 🙂 unfortunately our brain feels this hours without breaks, and going to be less effective and less productive. 

What is surprising for me now? I’ve already known all this “smart” things about importance of breaks, the concept of “ultradian rhythm”, and so on… But in the moment of time pressure I think – “F**k it all. I will be smarter then the smart people who tell all this smart things about breaks, and for sure it will be better to stare on my monitor for hours without a break”. No, it’s not better at all 😛 Believe me, I’ve tried it a lot of times. I’ve tried also this new approach and I was nicely surprised how I can be concentrated for 90 minutes, and then after 15 minutes of a “real break” I can stay focused again for 90 minutes. And it really works 😀 

As I wrote in one of previous posts – change is a process. I know that this new habit won’t just into my life  instead of the old one. I need to be patient and supportive for myself, and the most important – conscious in action. So, next time when my tree grows I will take a break 🙂