I attended a small, village, primary school in 90s. One of our courses in a third grade was called “handwork”. There I had learned crocheting for the first time. My mum is very good at crocheting so I was practicing with her.
Last time I had a crochet hook in my hands in 2011. I was on an internship in a kindergarten and teachers there wanted to prepare some Easter decorations so I made chickens like this:


This summer my Friend inspired me to take the crochet hook to my hands again. I recorded for her some video from a market with traditional products, and one of them were this lace panties. You can hear my voice on the video ūüėõ and see handmade bracelets made by my Sister ūüėÄ 

She said – “They look wonderful. I really like them”. And I thought that I can make them as a gift for her. I am working on them now. I will post them, when they are ready.

What is for me interesting and in the same time challenging about crocheting is imperfection. Imperfection is a natural feature of handmade things. We are not able to make exactly the same thing twice. It is not a massive production managed by computers. So during crocheting I need to agree for this imperfection and in the same time let go my tendency to be perfect and make things perfectly. 


Ups I did it again! – About importance of the breaks


“Side projects” dilemma¬†

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