This week I received information that my grant application in National Science Centre was successful 🙂 

It was my second grant application in PRELUDIUM funding scheme. The first one (two years ago) was unsuccessful. I don’t know if you know this very interesting text Academic CV of Failures – a motivational lesson by Oleg Komlik.

I was three times rejected in different grant/scholarship competitions:

From NSC and FPS I received reviews and justification of rejections, what I found very helpful for future grant applications. I think that it is important to apply for drifferent research grants and accept fact that sometimes we can be rejected. We can learn a few things applying for grants and receiving justification of our rejections:

  • we can gain knowledge about things which is important for reviewers in this particular institution

  • we can learn how an application process goes, how an application form looks like, what we should prepare ahead

  • we can improve our project afterwards, and apply in the same instituton, or try to apply somewhere else

  • we can gain more general knowledge how to build a research proposal for future grant applications

  • writing proposals we can learn how to transfer our thoughts into paper in more clear, direct, and understandable way

Yesterday I visited one of my colleagues, and I found this quote on his wall:

“defeat is only, when you don’t try again”

I think it is applicable not only in our professional life 🙂

P.S. To be honest – I started to write this post one week ago, when I was waiting for my grant application results. I hoped that it would be successful this time, so I could write it as a successful story 😉 most probably if I had been rejected once again I would write more about what was done wrong in my application, and how to improve it next time 😉


Useful links: – National Science Centre website – Fundation for Polish Science website – Economic Sociology and Political Economy website