As my Sister said once – “I can’t paint so I paint even more”
I was always thinking that I cannot draw. I was always criticised in a primary school on so called “art” classes. I grew up in belief that I shouldn’t even try to draw 😛

And this words of my sister convinced me, that maybe I should try…
I took pencils and notebook with white pages on my summer holidays:









I found that I really like drawing, and it relaxes me. When I draw I am totally into it, and my mind is clear, there is just me and an object and a pencil 🙂

I also noticed that I have some problem with perspective, when there are too many objects in a picture. So, I also found solution: D now I draw only some elements of reality, so I do not need to care too much about perspective, and size-relations between objects: D

 dsc_0702 dsc_0700_20161122193505997






Since the moment when I free my mind from this thinking that anyone needs to accept my way of drawing and to like it, drawing has started to be a pure joy and relaxation for me 😀