I met him, when he was co-teaching one course on my Master studies. He is this type of a teacher, who is open for students, and a phrase – “If you have any questions, write to me, I will help you” – are not only empty words.

He had started to be my Idol, since the first day I saw him. He was somewhere in the middle of a PhD studies. I wanted to be like him. Sometimes, especially when we are not enough self-confident, we need someone who shows us, that things are possible. We (I and he) are so alike, and so different – we are almost in the same age, but we have different educational stories, and family background, we are similar in character, but we deal differently with life challenges. This similarities made me start to believe that “If he can, I can also” 🙂 In the beginning, as it is with idols, I wanted to do everything in the same way as he. One day, I realised that if we were different in some ways, and we had different stories behind, I couldn’t copy his life one to one 😛 And from that moment, I’ve decided to build my own story.

 He inspires me all the time 🙂 He inspired me to start applying for international scholarships, he inspired me to start talking with people, make contacts, discuss my research ideas, he inspired me to don’t afraid to expose my work for criticism, he inspired me to believe in myself, because nobody knows everything in the beginning. 

Sometimes I call him my Superhero 😉 he is always willing to share his knowledge and experience. And he saved my “PhD life” many times, thanks to his advices 🙂 He is some kind of “PhD student guide” for me, without his insight I would be lost so many times. I think it is priceless that he shares his experience and wisdom, because you cannot find this knowledge in any book, or any other source, just in personal contact with someone who wants to share it. I always say that I would like to shower gold on him for all his help and support, never-ending emails, chatting, answering dozens of questions, discussing my doubts, his time and attention…

He is one of the Friends mentioned in the blog, this one who always says something smart about researcher’s life 😉 I think that without his inspiration I wouldn’t be here – He showed me that things are possible, and I am good enough to try fulfil my dreams. We met in the moment when my self-confidence was lower than 0, and I was afraid of trying to do new things. So, the though – “If he can, I can too” brought me here 🙂

I think that everyone has such people (in most cases not only one person) who came into his or her life to make a difference 🙂 Of course, in the end of the day, we are the only one, who can make the change become true. 

Now I try to share what he taught me, and also my own experiences with others, because I know how much it means.