When I saw this graph my thought was – “I am not surprised at all, but in the same time it is really sad”


Source: PL Research and Innovation Performance (pl_research_and_innovation_performance) – for all countries reports see Research and Innovation performance and Horizon 2020 country participation 

I am somewhere near to the Polish academic system, but as not-employed person I don’t know its reality so deep. I also don’t know reasons, why Polish science quality is so low… I can just assume and ask questions – Why do Polish scientist not publish in top journals?

  • Is it because of low quality of research? (they are not good enough to be published in international journals)
  • Is it because of chosen topics? (topics are not interesting for wider audience)
  • It is because of quality of papers/ articles? (research are high quality, but way of preparation of papers/ articles is inaccurate, careless, without following of publishers’ guidance…)
  • Is it because of low level of financing of Polish science? (or they don’t have money for high quality research, or they think that if they earn not so much, they don’t want to invest too much into good research). To ilustrate a place of Poland in statistics:

gerd Source: Eurostat, indicator code [rd_e_gerdtot]


 Source: Eurostat, indicator code [rd_e_gerdtot]

I wrote to Emanuel Kulczycki to ask my questions – a Polish researcher, working in two major fields “The first one is research evaluation, in particular Open Science, scholarly communication, and academic publishing. The other field is philosophy of communication and communication metatheory”(Source: http://emanuelkulczycki.com/). You can read his works on Researchgate profile. 

He recommended me to read works of  Marek Kwiek – a Polish Professor and Director of the Center for Public Policy StudiesUniversity of Poznan. You can download his works on Researchgate profile.

I’ve found there answers for some of my questions 🙂 Especially in this papers:

It is comforting, that it is more about personal characteristics, than about national environment: “They are similar from a European cross-national perspective, and they substantially differ intra-nationally from their lower performing colleagues.” (M. Kwiek, The European research elite, p. 395)


P.S. Emanuel Kulczycki writes a blog (only in Polish), mostly about his research, analysing Polish academic system. I am his huge fan, and his blog is a place where I can learn and find an explanation how the system works.  


Useful links:

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http://ec.europa.eu/research/horizon2020/index_en.cfm?pg=country-profiles – Research and Innovation performance and Horizon 2020 country participation

http://cpp.amu.edu.pl/ – Center for Public Policy Studies

http://ekulczycki.pl/ – Emanuel Kulczycki’s blog in Polish