I’ve reached this point, where I self-disciplined myself, and I wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to the home-office and work 1.5 hours, take a break, work 1.5 hours, take a break… There is no place for any distractions, my tree grows, and I can stay focused on my work. 

There are still some self-organization challenges (during 27th Summer Academy in Bonn we were taught that it is better to use word “challenge” instead of “problem”, because then it is easier, and more probable that we will find a solution). What is my challenge now? 

I am this kind of person that I like to stay focused on one project, go deep into it, finish it, and start a next project. In real life it is totally unrealistic approach – in most cases we have different projects and responsibilities in the same time, and we need to find a way how to organise, realise, fulfil all of them.

One of my Friend-Young Spirit*, with who I discussed this issue, gave me a brilliant solution: “Do this one particular task, your only task in a given time. If you decide for a system – one day, one task; or 2 hours, one task – treat this one task as the only one which you have, and don’t think about the rest.”

It sounds perfect, but it is easier to say than to do 😛

Previous week I tried to implement this advice, I even divided my week for task-days… But in practice – I was working on one paper, I wanted to finish it, so I postponed all other tasks, to finish this one, so me task-days changed into one-task-week. 

What were the consequences… I was extremely tired. After a few days with one topic I was feeling, that I cannot develop any further or better ideas in that field. My brain was tired, and I couldn’t think clear enough to analyse my own work, and look with criticism on it… 

Probably this unrealistic approach is one of the reasons why I still haven’t started writing my PhD thesis – All the time I was waiting for a moment when I finished all other projects to be free, and could focus only on the PhD project. I had this thinking also in the beginning of the blog writing. Now I am aware that it is time to change. 

So, this week I again I try to divide my tasks for each day, and focus in one day only on this one task. 

All this situation reminds me a great book, of Noble Prize winner Daniel Kahneman – Thinking, Fast and Slow. “Thinking slow” is exhausting and require self-control, that is why most of time we base on “fast thinking”. How does it work? Read the book 🙂 By the way – it is interesting that in Polish, this book is titled “Traps of Thinking. About Fast and Slow Thinking.”
*I’ve thought that I should give my Friends some descriptive names, as nicknames on the blog, because after some time I will not be able to identify who is who 😉