Who should care about my PhD? 

When I was/am in my “unmotivation (I think there is no such word in English) phase” I very often thought/think that nobody cares about my PhD. When I talk with one of my Friends about that, we like to complain that our supervisors don’t care about our PhD. Last time it went even worse, because I started feeling that even I didn’t care anymore about my PhD.

When I was thinking about that, I had two conclusions.

If you don’t care – there is a lot of other things to do, so for what wasting time doing PhD, when you stopped care…

You are the first one who should care. You are the only one who can give some meaning to your work. You should show importance of your work to others.

Maybe it is because of cultural background, maybe because of personal one… We have in Poland this saying “Siedź w kącie, a znajdą cię”, there is no English equivalent. Literal translation is “Sit in a corner, they will find you”, what means – be modest, work well and you will be noticed and appreciated, for sure. I wasn’t learned to show and appreciate my successes, because then you are very often called a boaster. And people envy when you succeed instead to appreciate you. So we are not learned to show that we put a lot of effort and energy and time into our work, instead of that we say “oh, it’s nothing”.

So if it is nothing, why anyone should care about nothing?

From my last “unmotivation phase” perspective, I think that we should better value our work, and show others how important it is for us. Everyone has another reason to do a PhD. Irrespective of our reason, we should show that we care.


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  1. Anonymous

    “Sit in a corner, they will find you” it reminds me of a small mobile robot that I programmed during my Bachelor studies. It had a photo sensor to measure light intensity. The task for the robot was to move to the place where there is less light as possible. It was a simple algorithm that you program into a microcontroller. But If you run the robot and forget about it, it will keep moving until it reaches the darkest place in the room and keep escaping from the light.
    The real challenge was when I needed the microcontroller for another project. It was very hard for me to find the robot!

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