Today morning I sent the final version of my PhD proposal to my supervisor and hopefully I will present it this month on a Faculty Committee meeting. Because of unexpected changes I couldn’t submit the previous version, and I needed to rearrange my topic and a level of analysis again. I wasn’t so active on the blog in December because I was finishing the joint paper, I was working on my paper, I was improving my PhD proposal, I started working on another joint research, and I was thinking about the sense of my PhD in general. 

Today is a BIG DAY,

I finally have started writing my PhD 😀 I organised my folders to have separate folder for each chapter – for text files, and folders with literature used in a given chapter. I prepared a text file template with proper text formatting and I saved further formatting instructions from my supervisor. I asked him again about reference style, to do it in a right way from the very beginning… 

And then… I wrote first sentences, or even first pages of the first theoretical chapter 🙂 I had already prepared some ideas of a structure for this chapter, so now it is more like filling a dough for “Empanadas” or “Pierogi” or tortilla for “Tacos” with filling. My “filling” is on different stages of preparation – some books/ articles have been already pre-cooked (read), so I can use them easily, others have been only collected from the shops (libraries/ online journals), and they need more time to be ready, I need to open them, select the best of them, wash them, peel them, chop them, and take the most valuable parts of them 🙂 so still a lot of work is waiting… 

I need to make an agreement with myself to don’t force myself to try to put all possible filling (existing literature) into my dough (the thesis), because otherwise I will never be able to finish it, and additionally capacity of the dough is limited. I will base on my previous experiences and I will read and describe the first original works in the field, and I will just take a quick look at new followers/ imitators. As I recently have been talking with my Friend-Young-Spirit in economics we don’t have too much breakthroughs. In most cases there are a few pioneers in a particular stream of economics, who introduced “radical innovation” into economics thinking, and rest of people working in that stream do just “incremental improvements”. So I promise myself to be able to limit number of positions to a reference list and be able to say that a chapter is good enough to finish it without endless improvements 😉 

I’ve decided to work in “one day-one task” mode, so 3 first days of a week I write a thesis, 4th day I work on the joint project, and 5th day I work on the thesis again, or I do some other needed stuff, like finishing my other article 😉 I have already started waking up earlier (inspired by two of my Friends: Smiling calmness and Young Spirit) and I follow my working system introduced in October 🙂  and then weekends are to relax and read something for pleasure, spend time with my Husband, and Friends 🙂 because my brain needs a break also 🙂 

I will report progress in my writing – keep your fingers crossed 🙂

And I will be back with a few more posts, which I have been having in mind for last few weeks.