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Challenges of cooperation and co-writing

Recently I’ve finished a paper with one of my Colleagues, and immediately another Friend has proposed me to work together on research and write a paper together afterwards…

My first answer was: “Will we not kill each other in a meantime…?”

I believe that cooperation in research is needed and can be fruitful both for researchers, and for a society, because we can complement our skills and knowledge. It helps to do better research, use more advanced methods, or mix different approaches, sometimes do interdisciplinary research…

In the same time working with someone is challenging,

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Change by Exchange – DAAD’s motto is not only a motto

It is a reality.

I have had this post in my mind since I started the blog. The title was ready in the very first day of my blogging. I just needed more time to think how to build this story…

I am always proudly using my “sponsor” bag, as I call DAAD. But it is not only about money – it is more about opportunities which are opened thanks to this money. 

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